April 18, 2018 info@discoversooke.com The small seaside town on the southwest shores of Vancouver Island

Rotary Pier and Marine Boardwalk

The bottom of Ed MacGregor Park is one of the access points to the new Sooke Marine Boardwalk, which traces the profile of the harbour front towards the Rotary Pier.

There is no shortage of things to see while strolling along the walkway, anchored high above the ocean floor. Looking down, it’s likely you will catch a glimpse of harbour seals swimming just below the surface. Or, perhaps you’ll look up and see bald eagles circling above, looking for the catch of the day.

Watch the locals catching crabs and reeling in their crab traps. Or, just take in the salt air and gaze at the amazing views of East Sooke and of the Olympic Mountains.

Make an afternoon of hanging out on the docks or come in the evening for a tranquil, romantic sunset stroll.

Video shot and edited by: van der Valk Photo and Video
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