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Sooke Potholes

Sooke Potholes Provincial Park, or the Sooke Potholes, is located on the banks of the spectacular Sooke River and features potholes, unlike anything you’ve ever witness before. Our potholes are rare geological formations: a series of deep, smooth rock pools in the Sooke River. Accessible from Sooke River Road, this local hotspot features some of the best freshwater swimming around and is a great mid-day picnic spot. The pools and potholes are crystal clear, and refreshingly clean.

The park is also easily accessed from the Regional Galloping Goose Trail. In fact, the last 20 kilometers of “the Goose” weaves through Sooke Potholes Regional Park, ending at Leechtown.

Catering to the many cyclists who flock to the park, a six-group-spot group campsite was created about 3 kilometers from the base of the potholes. The cycle-in sites, featuring bike lock-ups, a cooking shelter, and a fire pit are considered part of the park’s 66-site campsite.

The park offers stunning views of the river, winding wooded trails and access to the Galloping Goose Regional Trail. The second largest river on southern Vancouver Island, Sooke River is a beautiful, forested spot surrounded by flowing waterfalls and enormous boulders. The river is a popular fresh-water fishing spot and still boasts a productive salmon run each fall.

In the fall the Sooke River is a great location to watch the Salmon spawning, and with that brings Bald Eagles and Black Bear.

Video shot and edited by: van der Valk Photo and Video
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