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East Sooke Regional Park

East Sooke Regional Park encompasses more than 3500 acres of forest land, including 50 km of trails. Hikers are lead through coastal rainforests and along windswept coastline cliffs, passing by sheltered coves and ancient petroglyphs. The park is accessible from three entrance points: Aylard Farm off Beecher Bay Road, Anderson Cove and Pike Rd.

Aylard Farm:
From the parking lot, a short five minute walk along a leisurely trail leads you through an open meadow to a sheltered sandy beach and popular picnic spot. Footpaths from this access point take hikers to scenic views from inland summits and open cliff-top trails that trace the rugged coastline. The Aylard Farm park entrance is accessible from Sooke Road (Highway 14): turn left on Gillespie Road; turn left on East Sooke Road; turn right onto Becher Bay Road.

Anderson Cove:
From the Sooke Basin, this access point is the base of trails heading to Babbington Hill and Mount Maguire. With Olympic Peninsula vistas and wildlife viewing, including Bald Eagles, these trails and summits are well worth the moderately challenging hike. The Anderson Cove park entrance is located just off East Sooke Road from Gillespie Road.

Iron Mine Bay: (Pike Road)
The most westerly access to the park, and to the Coast Trail. An old logging road winds through lush rainforest to meadow and a lovely pebble beach. The Pike Road park entrance is located about 10 minutes past the Anderson Cove entrance down Pike Road. This is a great family hike suitable for all ages.

East Sooke Park - Photo by: Jason van der Valk
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