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Fishing in Sooke

Sooke sports some of the best Salmon fishing in the world and you can do it anytime as many Charters are open year round. With many Salmon and Halibut fishing charter companies based right out of Sooke BC and Port Renfrew BC, you’re sure to have an adventure of a lifetime with skilled and knowledgable guides who know the waters and where the best spots to fish are each season.

Catching Chinook Salmon over 40lbs isn’t rare either. And talk about a thrill! A 323 pound Halibut was caught just off the Sooke Harbour entrance at a depth of 77 feet. How’s that for excitement?

The waters around Sooke are hot. This ensures that you get maximum time fishing and not riding a boat to start. Most operators start out of Sooke Harbour and fish nearby where the action is hot. Favourite  fishing spots in the Sooke area include Possession Point, Secretary Island and Otter Point (A short an scenic boat ride about 20 minutes west).

In Port Renfrew, charters sail out to Swiftsure Banks, known its for summer schools of Coho and Spring salmon.

The Sooke area also has amazing fresh water fishing. Try your hand at catching salmon, cutthroat trout, steelhead, rainbow or brown trout in the Sooke river. Professionally trained guides can make your fresh water fishing trip more exciting while learning rich history surrounding these beautiful lakes and streams.

A 40+ pound Chinook (King) Salmon caught off Sooke

Fishing guides and charters

The best starting point is Eagle Eye Outfitters. The info centre here has brochures for local guides and the staff are happy to share tips. The shop itself carries ocean, river and lake fishing gear, lures and lines along with all-weather clothing, information on licenses required, GPS navigational aides and other outdoor essentials.

2 Reel Fishing Adventures

Blue Wolf Charters

Hind Sight Fishing Charters

Ocean Dreams Fish Charter

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