April 19, 2018 info@discoversooke.com The small seaside town on the southwest shores of Vancouver Island

Crabbing in Sooke

Watch the sunset over Sooke Harbour while tossing a crab trap off the Sooke Rotary Pier located downtown Sooke. An exciting event for the whole family and a great way to enjoy the fresh air, ocean and sea life. Watch for Harbour Seals off the pier and bald eagles soaring high above.

The choice for crabbers are the delicious and delicate meat of the Dungeness Crab.

The Dungeness Crab is light reddish brown on back and sometimes has a purple splotch toward the front. The underside is white to light orange. The shell turns bright red when it is cooked. While a male Dungeness crab can grow to a shell width of 230 mm (9 inches), the minimum size limit for harvest in British Columbia is 165 mm (6 1/2 inches) across the maximum breadth of the shell. Most Dungeness crab weigh between 680 grams (1 1/2 lbs) and 1.4 kg (3 lbs). Dungeness crab is harvested in all months of the year.

Size limits and the restriction on harvesting any female crabs are the primary conservation measures in place in the Dungeness crab fishery. The fishery is considered sustainable. Sea Choice lists the Dungeness Crab as a Best Choice seafood.

Please ensure that you obtain a proper fishing license before you go crabbing. Licenses and information on size, regulation and buying crab traps please visit Eagle Eye Outfitters in downtown Sooke.

A kid with a Dungeness and Red Rock crab in Sooke. Photo by: Jason van der Valk
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