April 19, 2018 info@discoversooke.com The small seaside town on the southwest shores of Vancouver Island

French Beach

Located 21 kilometres west of Sooke on Highway 14, and just 5 kilometres east of Jordan River, French Beach Provincial Park offers sandy beaches, a provincial campground and full amenity park facilities.

This 59 hectare park is situated on Strait of Juan de Fuca and features private campsites and surf-side picnic areas. This particular stretch of beachfront offers ideal marine wildlife and whale watching conditions, including Orcas, bald eagles, and ospreys, as well as seals and sea lions.

Along the spectacular trails you’ll come across native vegetation, like the groves of second growth of Douglas fir, western hemlock and western red cedars, as well as Sitka spruce and a variety of large and interesting ferns and flowers.

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