April 18, 2018 info@discoversooke.com The small seaside town on the southwest shores of Vancouver Island

Storm Watching

When you think of storm watching on the west coast of Canada, Tofino and Ucluelet come to mind for most people. But not many people know that the Sooke Region has some well exposed areas to view massive waves and seas during a storm front which can be just as good as Tofino. The best areas are from Jordan River up to Port Renfew and along the Juan de Fuca Marine trail. The easiest accessible location would be Botany Bay and Botanical Beach in Port Renfrew.

A 10 minute walk through the rainforest on a well marked trail will get you to Botany Bay where you will be sure to see massive waves and heavy seas. Large pieces of driftwood are tossed around like toothpicks.

One must take extreme caution while storm watching. The rocks and paths can be slippery and many people underestimate the power of these seas which are relentless. Stay well back on the trails. Waves come in sets and most usually the first large wave isn’t the biggest. There have been a few casualties over the past decade of people swept off the shoreline when a large waves comes over and takes them off their feet, ending up in the cold Pacific.

When done carefully, watching the powerful Pacific Ocean pound against the ruggest west coast can be one of the most exciting things to do in the Sooke Region.

Photo by: Jason van der Valk
Video shot and edited by: van der Valk Photo and Video
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