April 19, 2018 info@discoversooke.com The small seaside town on the southwest shores of Vancouver Island

SCUBA diving

When Jacques Cousteau proclaimed that the spectacular coastal waters of British Columbia, Vancouver Island are ‘the best temperate water diving in the world and second only to the Red Sea’, you know you’ll be diving one of the world’s top dive destinations.

British Columbia has consistently been ranked as ‘the’ best place to dive in North America and offers spectacular diving.

Southern Vancouver Island especially the Victoria/Sooke area offers a multitude of diving opportunities. Colourful reefs, shipwrecks, massive schools of fish, kelp forests, sea lions, underwater photography – it’s all here, and just minutes from the dock. Whatever your scuba diving interest or experience level, we have it all.

Over 320 species of fish and several thousand species of kelp, coral, sponge, and other invertebrate life are found here. Several species of octopus, including the Giant Pacific Octopus inhabit our waters, as well as Puget Sound King Crabs, and towering Cloud sponges that can be found dotting the underwater landscape. Our reefs are home to huge schools of rockfish and several species of perch. Greenlings, sculpins, wolf eels, ratfish and Six gill sharks can be seen patrolling these reefs.  In addition to the many miles of natural reef, our wreck and artificial reef system attracts additional species of rockfish, herring, lingcod, and provides alternative habitats for juveniles of all species.

Sooke is very close to a very special diving experience known as Race Rocks. Race Rocks is the resting place of hundreds of California and Stellar Sea lions each year during their seasonal migration. The small group of islands that makes up the area of Race Rocks is an ecological reserve and marine protected park. This designation has allowed the marine life and mammals to flourish providing for a perfect dive experience.

Photo shot by: Jason van der Valk
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