May 20, 2018 The small seaside town on the southwest shores of Vancouver Island

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Photo by: Jason van der Valk

Photo by: Jason van der Valk is your premier information and vacation-planning destination!

Serving Sooke and Jordan River to Port Renfrew, provides you with all the details you need to plan your visit or move to the region. is also a great resource for local residents and businesses to find out more about the communities in which they live, work and play.

Sooke, British Columbia is a picturesque, seaside town situated on the dynamic south-western shores of Vancouver Island. Sooke boasts fabulous accommodations, restaurants, galleries and shops, as well as provincial parks, unspoiled rainforests, tranquil beaches – a destination well worth the short trip from Victoria: British Columbia’s capital city.

From its top-rated restaurants and world-renowned accommodations to its acres of rainforest and windswept coastlines, the artisan Sooke community offers endless possibilities:



  • Stroll along the sandy shorelines, ideal for beachcombing and uncovering marine treasures.
  • Rent a kayak and tour the Sooke basin, which expands into the open waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
  • Take to open water to observe Orcas, Humpback and Grey whales, Elephant Seals and other marine life in their natural habitat.
  • Embark on a fishing charter and ‘catch’ your dinner.
  • Watch the Harbour Seals hover around the fish cleaning stations at a local marina.
  • Enjoy the ambience while you sip honey wine at a local meadery.
  • Pamper yourself at one of Sooke’s tranquil spas.
  • Visit a local artist’s studio.
  • Hike and explore East Sooke Regional Park’s more than 3,500 acres of ancient coastal rainforest.

However you like to spend your time, Sooke, British Columbia has something for everyone. So, what’s stopping you from discovering Sooke? Explore and then travel to Sooke to experience the attractions and activities firsthand.

Discover Sooke: Explore the Possibilities

Kayaking with Killer Whales. Over 1.3 million YouTube views!

Jason van der Valk and Allen Krutz headed out for an afternoon of kayaking about 1 mile south of Whiffen Spit, in Sooke, out in the Juan de Fuca Strait. Little did they know that 30+ resident Killer Whales from “L-Pod”, one of three resident pods of Orca around Southern Vancouver Island, would give them an experience of a lifetime.

“They are all around us…”

Watch this intense video as these large Killer Whales come up to them and then swim underneath the kayaks, all caught on video. A once in a lifetime experience for these Sooke Residents.

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